Tour update: across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Time for some bike touring! While I won't be camping quite yet, I am excited to ride in what has been described as one of the best biking environments in the United States.

I had a great few weeks in Minneapolis and another week in Duluth, Minnesota, before boarding an overnight Indian Trails bus across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My preference was a day trip but it's a state-subsidized bus line that runs once a day. Buses from each direction (Duluth, St Ignace, Hancock and Milwaukee) meet in the small town of Escanaba at 4 AM for connections. Mine will arrive in the "unincorporated place" called Engadine shortly after 6 AM so I can ride along the northern shore of Lake Michigan toward St Ignace. Then I'll do a loop of the eastern Upper Peninsula ending with a ferry ride to car-free Mackinac Island.

Should be a great ride, as long as my internal hub doesn't cause trouble again. I think I finally fixed it right ... And hope so ... Probably no bike shops on my route!