Episode 41: Rail Transit Safety with Marc Ebuna

In light of the latest Metro-North Railroad derailment, fellow New Yorker Marc Ebuna, now a Boston-based transit advocate and editor of Transit Matters, joins me to explain what we can learn from the recent series of incidents this year on the nation's busiest commuter rail network.

Topics include technology, maintenance, funding, regulations and more, including considering whether bus and train operators should continue working the split shifts that are standard practice throughout the industry. We also remind you that, contrary to popular headlines, using a car is still by far the most dangerous way to get around.

Read more about the crash and investigation.  Follow Transit Matters and @transitmatters on Twitter.

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UPDATE: Transit Matters is growing into a transit advocacy organization and I'm a part of it. Find out more at

Episode 15: Scheduling, construction, privatization, service quality, how to not get hit by trains

News items fill up this week's show. More cities trying to speed up construction projects by shutting down line segments. Bus rapid transit lines often promote themselves based on the inclusion of things that should be standard on all buses. Privatization is usually bad policy. I discuss the impacts of scheduling on operator health and system safety. Finally, I explain how to help someone who falls on the train tracks (hint to NY Post: put down your camera and go get help.) Chicago: CTA Red Line South Renewal Project

Long Island, NY: Privatized NICE bus ridership decline & LI Bus Riders Union

Palm Beach, FL: Lack of bathroom breaks for drivers

San Antonio, TX: Via Metropolitan Transit launches Via Primo BRT route (article)

Vancouver, BC: TransLink launches Compass Card for contactless fare payment

Washington, DC: WMATA studying operator fatigue

New York City: Jerk takes photo of man being hit by train instead of trying to help

Sacramento, CA: General Manager rides the bus (a novel concept!)