Security and possible reactions to the Boston marathon explosion

It's very sad to hear of today's Boston marathon explosions.  It's unusual that nobody has claimed responsibility yet, so while we don't know much, it's important to take a deep breath and not react irrationally. Just a few friendly requests: Let's not use this as an excuse to start more wars for oil, like we did 12 years ago.

Let's not pretend that militarizing our cities will keep us safe or secure. It's already been reported that police with machine guns are patrolling buses in Baltimore and probably happening elsewhere. How exactly does that help anything?

If this turns out to be a foreign terrorist attack, before we react, let's remember the violence that is being committed in our name. We have killed and maimed thousands around the world in the past decade, and we continue to shoot random people in Yemen, Pakistan and elsewhere. We even purposely kill first responders in follow-up strikes. Either way, can we please stop?!

If it turns out to be a domestic terrorist attack, let's think about what would cause someone to take such drastic action, and fix those things.

Perhaps it was just gas leak or something.