Pedalshift Project interview & my tour reports

I had a great conversation with Tim Mooney on the Pedalshift Project podcast. I shared my thoughts and experiences traveling as a vegan (and why I'm vegan), bike touring on a Brompton folding bike, incorporating public transportation into a bike tour, and much more. Check it out at or listen below.

If you haven't heard the recordings from my fall 2016 tour of Maine and Vermont, find those here. Listening to last week's episode of Pedalshift reminded me I hadn't shared my own winter bike overnight audio journal. It was perhaps more successful than Tim's ride on the C&O Trail, albeit shorter, a few degrees warmer and solo (sans dog). It's easy to travel light when you're only going one night, and your end-of-tour meal is at an all-you-can-eat vegan buffet.

Have you done any bike touring? Share your experiences below, via Twitter or using the contact form and I'll share it on an upcoming episode.

VTP 05 - Hitchhiking: a conversation from the archives

Originally recorded in 2013 for Critical Transit, here is a wide-ranging conversation that started with me interviewing Ian about his experiences getting free rides in cars with strangers. Hitchhiking is still a popular (and cheap) form of transit for hikers and others; I've even done it a few times with a bike. We also talk about finding vegan food in tough situations and muse about transit and bikes (we're also joined by Minku of the Vegan Pedicab).

Do you use hitchhiking to get around? Let us know and we'll share your experience.