VTP 02 - Finding Vegan-Friendly Work

I'm back with an episode exploring some options for finding a job you can tolerate. As a vegan it can be difficult or impossible to work in non-vegan establishments (i.e. most places) but vegan businesses are limited. I also share my experience and how I am living a semi-nomadic lifestyle by finding work I can do in different places for short periods of time. I hope this show has some helpful advice, and this topic will certainly be revisited in the future.

This blog and podcast is dedicated to traveling as a vegan, with interviews and tips from experienced travelers on how to eat healthy and inexpensively in the US and all over the world. Whether you're a long-time traveler, thinking about a big trip, or just an occasional road-tripper or business traveler, you'll find information and advice. The show should also be helpful to new and aspiring vegans, when it comes to finding food in rural areas, traveling with non-vegans and how to handle awkward situations of all kinds.

About me: I am a traveling vegan living a semi-nomadic lifestyle where I travel to new places every few months and work seasonal jobs to support myself. I am a long-time committed vegan and keep a very healthy plant-based, even on the road, often on as little as $10 a day. So far I have lived in or visited dozens of US cities, bicycled through Ontario (and several US states), and spent 6 months in Scotland. I travel primarily by bike and public transit, even in places where "you need a car here". Here are a few photos from my recent bike tour of Maine and Vermont; as you can see the quality of food options varies from gas station convenience store to supermarket.