Politicized 01 - Intro and thoughts on taxes, guns, climate change, the post office and an evil charter school

In the first show I discuss my desire to leave the day-to-day political nonsense behind have an honest discussion about the serious issues that are affecting real people. We are so violent that Mother Jones Magazine had to produce a guide to mass shootings. The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence says 270 people are shot in the US every day (!!). Large US banks are helping rich people (aka the 1%) hide $21 to $32 Trillion in offshore bank accounts to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. The post office is making a profit despite Republican efforts to destroy this great public service. More about one carbon credit scam and the temporary delay in nuclear plant licenses. Agent Orange will be cleaned up in a small area but only for political reasons. A charter school in Louisiana kicks out pregnant girls rather than trying to help.

We heard music from Bend Sinister (Things Will Get Better) and Soja (Peace in a Time of War).

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