Episode 10: Austerity and our Culture of Violence

Austerity in America leads directly to violence by abandoning everyone in need of support services and failing to set a model of a caring society.  The fiscal cliff is a fake crisis manufactured by Republicans so they can destroy progressive social programs and stick it to Obama. The latest deal actually adds to the deficit (!) and sets up at least three more fiscal cliffs without solving any problems. Republicans have money for eight corporate subsidies but nothing to fund Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. And of course Republicans already want more cuts (surprise!). Also, former president Ronald Reagan stops by to remind us that the same lies about social security were thrown at him in 1984.

Our culture of violence extends well beyond the role of guns in mass shootings, across every domestic and foreign policy issue, as explained in the clips from Congressman Dennis Kucinich advocating for a comprehensive approach to non-violence including a new Department of Peace. Violence cannot be solved with more violence.

Episode 09 - Introducing the Unconventionist Podcast

The Unconventionist Podcast is a progressive and open-minded forum intended to challenge conventional beliefs and explore non-traditional lifestyles and practices. While so many people go through life doing what society expects them to do, we should instead find out what makes us happy and do it, living in harmony with our values. My own recent lifestyle changes helped me focus more on the things I enjoy and gave me more time to work on the causes I care about, like bicycle repair and finally starting this podcast. Progressive activism is also important to make it easier to do these things (like universal health care, without which so many people are tied to jobs they don't like). The primary focus of the show will be on things each of us can do to live better and contribute to a better world for everyone. I look forward to welcoming frequent guests who are living unconventional lifestyles and/or working for positive change in a variety ways.

Please send your questions, comments and ideas for guests or topics to feedback@theunconventionist.com.

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Politicized 08 - Politics & social justice with Progressive Podcast Australia

Part two of my interview with the fantastic social justice activists Nick Pendergrast & Katie Batty, hosts of the Progressive Podcast Australia and Vegan Perth. We continue our discussion of human rights including feminism, immigration and refugee rights, and learn about the similarities between the American and Australian political systems. To start off the show I rant about the unconditional US support for Israel's war crimes, and at the end I rant about consumerism and the "holiday season" we must endure for the next month. Listen to Radio Dispatch for more on Israel's illegal occupation, ongoing war crimes and literal starvation of Gaza, the most densely populated place on Earth. Look for an upcoming "helliday special" from the Angry Hippie's podcast.

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Politicized 07 - Social justice & veganism with Progressive Podcast Australia

Joining me this week are Nick Pendergrast & Katie Batty, progressive advocates and hosts of the Progressive Podcast Australia and Vegan Perth. This is part one of our interview in which we discuss the unifying themes across all social and economic justice issues, and anyone who cares about human rights should care about animal rights. [Due to technical difficulties, I will play part two next week.] Other great podcasts mentioned in the show are Citizen Radio and Radio Dispatch.

Politicized 06 - Climate change in New York and unnecessary long lines at the voting booth

Hurricane SI 6
Hurricane SI 6

Finally we can get past the election nonsense and talk about real issues. Climate change, for example, and how Hurricane Sandy should -- but probably will not -- be a wake up call to stop ignoring climate change. Along with publicly funded elections, instant runoff voting and providing options like mail, online and early voting.

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Politicized 05 - Corrupt Politics and Why Obama is Not Worth Supporting

The presidential election season is heating up and the debates show just how bad our political system has become. Obama is part of the corrupt system which cares only about corporate power, and it's clear after almost four years that he has no desire to improve conditions for the vast majority of Americans. He might be the lesser of two evils but not by much, so I will be voting for Jill Stein. There is a reason that third party candidates have been left out of debates and denied access to the ballot in many states; but Democracy Now held an inclusive debate on the real issues. More about Rocky Anderson (Justice Party) and Jill Stein (Green Party). Other candidates include Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party, and someone for the Constitution Party which is completely off the deep end. The Angry Hippie's Podcast is first up in a new feature highlighting other independent media that you should check out.

Politicized 04 - Education, Middle East riots, and imperialist excuses

Lots of crazy stuff happening while I was away from the show. A sign at Occupy Wall Street said it best. Riots all over the Middle East, and not just because of one dumb video. The Chicago Teachers Union strike offered a good look at the many problems facing our education system, and Quebec students are back in the streets demanding free tuition. Some links: Why the Mideast Exploded, Really (Truth-Out)

Teach for America (Jacobin Magazine)

Kristina Rizga (Mother Jones Magazine)

Check out the Radio Dispatch for more teachers strike coverage.