Episode 16: Guaranteed Basic Income with Karl Widerquist

Karl Widerquist, philosopher and editor of Basic Income News, introduces us to the concept of a universal basic income, an unconditionally guaranteed payment for everyone. He explains how such a simple program has the potential to eradicate poverty by guaranteeing economic security and giving people more freedom and control in their lives. A guaranteed income has been proven to reduce inequality and free people from exploitation in work, housing and relationships. Without the fear of being hungry and homeless, we can choose the type of work we enjoy, spend less time working, focus on community and personal projects, and take time off for the many valid reasons for not doing paid work. That all makes for a healthier society.

Read more about basic income (often called a guaranteed minimum income) and subscribe to Karl's newsletter at Basic Income News (@BINews). Also check out the Basic Income Earth Network and US Basic Income Group.  Find all of Karl's work here.

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