Episode 15b - The Holidays, Part 2: rejecting consumerism, vegan excuses and your crazy family

Standing up to the consumerism that is destroying everything valuable. Congratulations on surviving another holiday season filled with overt and subliminal messages that we are terrible people if we don't participate in the zombie shopocalypse. Buying nothing is the only option if we care about others. A full takedown of the insanity awaits you. Clips from GrowthBusters, Adbusters, the Angry Hippie's Podcast, and a recommendation to check out the Story of Stuff. First we review why you should never feel obligated to put up with your family and/or do things you're not comfortable with in the name of tradition or convenience. If that means refusing to participate in family holiday dinners, so be it. You must prioritize your own sanity and inner peace over pleasing others for superficial reasons.

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