Episode 10: Austerity and our Culture of Violence

Austerity in America leads directly to violence by abandoning everyone in need of support services and failing to set a model of a caring society.  The fiscal cliff is a fake crisis manufactured by Republicans so they can destroy progressive social programs and stick it to Obama. The latest deal actually adds to the deficit (!) and sets up at least three more fiscal cliffs without solving any problems. Republicans have money for eight corporate subsidies but nothing to fund Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. And of course Republicans already want more cuts (surprise!). Also, former president Ronald Reagan stops by to remind us that the same lies about social security were thrown at him in 1984.

Our culture of violence extends well beyond the role of guns in mass shootings, across every domestic and foreign policy issue, as explained in the clips from Congressman Dennis Kucinich advocating for a comprehensive approach to non-violence including a new Department of Peace. Violence cannot be solved with more violence.