Episode 09 - Introducing the Unconventionist Podcast

The Unconventionist Podcast is a progressive and open-minded forum intended to challenge conventional beliefs and explore non-traditional lifestyles and practices. While so many people go through life doing what society expects them to do, we should instead find out what makes us happy and do it, living in harmony with our values. My own recent lifestyle changes helped me focus more on the things I enjoy and gave me more time to work on the causes I care about, like bicycle repair and finally starting this podcast. Progressive activism is also important to make it easier to do these things (like universal health care, without which so many people are tied to jobs they don't like). The primary focus of the show will be on things each of us can do to live better and contribute to a better world for everyone. I look forward to welcoming frequent guests who are living unconventional lifestyles and/or working for positive change in a variety ways.

Please send your questions, comments and ideas for guests or topics to feedback@theunconventionist.com.

Episodes will post every two weeks, and sometimes more frequently if I have time and things to say. Subscribe to the RSS feed to be notified when new episodes are available.