Politicized 08 - Politics & social justice with Progressive Podcast Australia

Part two of my interview with the fantastic social justice activists Nick Pendergrast & Katie Batty, hosts of the Progressive Podcast Australia and Vegan Perth. We continue our discussion of human rights including feminism, immigration and refugee rights, and learn about the similarities between the American and Australian political systems. To start off the show I rant about the unconditional US support for Israel's war crimes, and at the end I rant about consumerism and the "holiday season" we must endure for the next month. Listen to Radio Dispatch for more on Israel's illegal occupation, ongoing war crimes and literal starvation of Gaza, the most densely populated place on Earth. Look for an upcoming "helliday special" from the Angry Hippie's podcast.

This show will now be released biweekly or less frequently due to the time-consuming editing process. Subscribe to the show at politicized.org to be notified of new episodes. Send email to feedback@politicized.org.