Episode 35: The Efficiency of Transit & Listener Questions on Transit Operations

In this episode I debunk the myth endorsed by Freakonomics in their episode on Mass Transit Hysteria and peddled by many others that cars are more efficient than transit. Each transit route is part of a network which may serve many functions that we believe contribute positively to our society. Transit is a public benefit. Most of the episode is devoted to listener questions on transit service design and operations:

  • How to design a late night transit network,
  • The value of pulse point hubs and transit centers (and why transfers are good),
  • How to keep buses on time and minimize bunching,
  • Whether a series of coordinated green signals lights actually helps buses (not unless you have built-in transit signal priority) or is just a ploy by traffic engineers to pretend to support transit.
  • The fine hosts of the Progressive Podcast share their thoughts on using sustainable transport in places where being car-free is not so common. Listen to their show for informed commentary on political, social and cultural issues as well as sustainable transportation.

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