Episode 23: Climate Rally & TransLink (Vancouver)

My first guest this week, Andrew Austin of Americans for Transit joins me to recap last weekend's Forward on Climate rally in Washington, DC.  Andrew explains how public transportation is a critical part of the solution to climate change and how we must move forward by expanding transit and making existing transit more sustainable. I am also joined by Jhenifer Pabillano and Robert Willis, authors of The Buzzer blog, the "accessible face" TransLink in Vancouver, BC. TransLink is a diverse and proactive regional transportation agency and is one of the few operators of automated rail lines. They also operate the busiest bus route in North America, as well as electric trolley buses, motor buses, commuter rail and the SeaBus ferry. Learn about the operational benefits of automated trains, efforts to upgrade the 99 B-Line bus to higher capacity rail (see also my earlier post), why they are installing fare gates on an existing train line, and what they have in store for the future.

Want to learn more about TransLink or advice on transit planning and operations? Check out TransLink 101 for a great compilation of informative posts, and read about managing the network to improve its performance.

Daniel writes in from San Antonio, Texas, with information on intercity shuttle bus service provided by Texas State University at San Marcos which makes it possible to travel between Austin and San Antonio. Unfortunately it will be discontinued this summer, so go ride it and report back on your experience.

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