Biking in Toronto with Yvonne Bambrick

Toronto cycling advocate Yvonne Bambrick joins me to discuss bike safety, politics and infrastructure. Yvonne was the first Executive Director of the Toronto Cyclists Union and is now an independent bike consultant.  Activists there are engaging in civil disobedience to delay the politically motivated removal of the popular Jarvis Street bike lane, despite proven safety benefits and a tripling of bike counts since the lane was recently installed on the only north-south bike route in the city center. In other news ... If you want cyclists off the sidewalks you have to make the streets safe for cycling.  A geography lesson shows the segregation and sprawl in many coastal areas of the NY region, and apparently some people want MTA chief Joe Llota to run for mayor next year.  City residents tend to own cars but use them infrequently, a terrible waste of public space.

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