Somerville, Mass. bike advocate Alex Epstein

A great show today where Alex and I discuss everything from politically-driven street design changes to the effects of car culture on our society. We reclaim some parking spaces along the way, ponder the best way to move sustainable transportation forward, and observe that car-free is the way to be. Check out the fine work of the Somerville Bicycle Committee and their facebook page.If you're in the Boston area, lend your support for the city's first protected bike lane on its busiest cycling route.

We mentioned research by John Pucher and the Victoria Transport Policy Institute on cycling, parking policies, and highlighted efforts to improve the plight of Indian rickshaw operators and a new UBC study showing that bike infrastructure in Vancouver reduced injuries by as much as 90 percent. We also love that Park(ing) Day shows how cars waste urban space. And why cycling is both progressive and conservative.

Next week I have another great show for you while I am visiting Boston to ride buses, trains and my bicycle.